A Complete AI Human Bot

Real Human Bots combines voice technology that embodies human speaking patterns, visualization technology that reproduces human appearance, and cognitive intelligence that enables unobstructed dialogue and Q&As.

Empowering companies to stand out with customer experience

Scale your efforts without increasing employee headcount. Generate and qualify leads automatically

Power up your marketing strategy with conversational AI. Build better relationships through real-time communication

Automate answering repetitive questions and improve the user experience.

Support customers around the clock and automate lead generation.

Over 45 Real AI Human Avatars

Are these avatars based on real people?

Yes, these avatars are all based on video footage of real actors, with their consent. The base video footage is then taken through our Real Human Bots AI system, which creates new videos from the text.

Artificial Human Design
Real Human Bots is not 3D or graphics, but a digital copy of a real person that inherited the looks, voice, gestures, and speaking patterns of the original model

They Speak Over 60 plus languages

Here is a selection of voices and languages currently supported on Real Human Bots. We’re constantly adding more voices and languages to our platform.

Improve access and understanding using multimodal content – speech, text, and visuals – and speaking 60+ languages


Get a bird’s eye view of how well your Human Bots are engaging with your audience. Track answers & completions

Track visits, clicks, answers & completions in your dashboard. We use powerful filters to drill down and look at your responses and transcriptions in detail.

All features

See the overview of all features available in Real Human Bots.

See the overview of all features available in our Real Human Bots.

We currently support 60+ different languages. We are constantly adding more accents and voices to the platform.

With Real Human Bots you have out-of-the-box access to 40+ avatars. We are always adding more presenters to the platform.

Any image or video as a background to your videos.

We have prepared a selection of background music that we can add as a background sound to your Real Human Bots

We can add additional text, image, or shape elements to your videos directly to your Real Human Bots

All you need is right here.

Real Human Bots combines voice technology that embodies human speaking patterns, visualization technology that reproduces human appearance, and cognitive intelligence that enables unobstructed dialogue.

Our digital humans work with the same technology chatbots are built upon.

We integrate with any and all of these platforms, providing a digital human experience while maintaining the speed, efficiency, and scalability of your chatbot solution.

It means your chatbot can operate, as usual, helping customers who would rather communicate via text. But they also have a more engaging, human-like medium – one that simulates the best parts of human interaction.

Scale your business with Custom Bots

1 virtual agent up to 109 languages

Build deeper connections The result? A highly customized environment. You can set up your virtual agent to perform advanced tasks such as routing and tagging to take the load off your human agents, as well as instantly retrieving relevant information for customers 24 hours a day.

Fully connected, living in your tech stack
Your virtual agent integrates into everything you already use, so it can fetch data from your CRM, order management system, and other back-office systems, freeing up your agents to work on more complex cases.

See the overview of some traditional ChatBots available in action.

AI tailored for your brand
Deliver personalized customer experiences and free up your support team from repetitive queries with our AI-powered virtual agent

Scale your business with WhatsApp Business Bots

1 Whatsapp agent up to 67 languages

Make it easy for your consumers to get what they need in the channel they use to speak to friends and family. Replace low-converting landing pages with Conversational Ads that drive to WhatsApp messaging and boost conversion rates and average order value.

Get the results that matter for your business

✔ Build a full-fledged e-commerce store on WhatsApp
✔ Share notifications such as order details, payment confirmation, time of delivery, and delivery confirmation with your customers
✔ Process requests such as updating delivery address,order cancellation and refund status

When it comes to financial transactions, there are two types. One where the client would prefer human interaction vs one where the client would like complete autonomy and require help from WhatsApp chatbots.

✔ Open an account
✔ Get the account statement
✔ Block a card
✔ Find an ATM nearby
✔ Check the credit score

✔ Help customers place an order directly from WhatsApp
✔ Share order status and payment confirmation
✔ Updating delivery or order details
✔ Process order cancellation and refund request
✔ Share OTP for delivery confirmation
✔ Collect delivery feedback
70% of travelers prefer to be notified via messaging and for such notifications and self-service, you can use WhatsApp chatbots to:

✔ Share hotel bookings, boarding passes, and communicate any delay or rescheduling.
✔ Address any queries related to the travel and stay.
✔ Share custom deals based on users travel preferences
✔ Notify customers about flight prices they are tracking
✔ Send cart abandonment reminders for flights not yet purchased.

A WhatsApp chatbot works similar to chatbots on any other messaging channel. When a user sends a message to your business’s WhatsApp number, the chatbot will pick up that conversation, analyze it, search for the most relevant answer and respond to the query. If the chatbot does not find the right answer or the user wants to talk to an agent, the chat will be transferred to an agent.

A chatbot is not a replacement for an agent but when it comes to working across different time zones, chatbots can reduce the need to scale your team, reducing your operating costs drastically.
Having a live person answer the initial query and then manually categorizing the ticket takes time. A WhatsApp chatbot combined with automated routing can take care of this process. Thus reducing the first response time and overall resolution time
Most customers prefer to reach out to support to find out about their account details, their active services, the validity of the services or renew their plan. These services can be easily automated with WhatsApp chatbots and can reduce the agent workload to a great extent.
Customers do not like to wait for help and any wait time can lead to frustration and a potential churn. With WhatsApp chatbots, you can set up custom flows for different conversation stages, create custom messages, reduce response time, and answer the most commonly asked questions instantly.
With WhatsApp chatbots, users can get their queries answered at any time. This round-the-clock automated customer service will help you better engage with your customer even during post-business hours and serve them better.